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Before: This sterling silver serpent bracelet arrived with one stone missing, warped, scratched and dirty. After: A new stone (lolite) was fitted, the bracelet was moulded back into shape, cleaned and polished.
Before: This is how this signet ring arrived, in amongst a parcel of "pre-owned" sterling. Almost black, severely scratched and no stone. After: Two days later, this is the result. The turquoise stone had to be hand cut and polished to fit, the ring shank was sanded back and renovated, and the entire piece received a thorough polishing.
Before: This bracelet arrived just like this in a plastic bag. I had to figure out how it all went together. The tiny chain that the slider were strung on was broken, so I had to find something in the same diameter to complete the repair. After: After some research I found that this was a "Slider" bracelet, popular in the 1960's. The turquoise stone appeared to be synthetic, so I replaced it with a genuine Iolite faceted gemstone and commenced the restring the whole bracelet on the finest sterling silver chain I could find. The whole bracelet was then tumbled and hand polished to a high finish.

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